Display function

I want to know how this app displays recognition result.
can I use display function?
For example If I want to show square root formula without handwriting.
can I show this formula?

Could you please give us more details about your use case?

About 'Display' feature, you will find more details in the MathWidget documentation:
Choose 'Features' --> ' Display mode'
The corresponding API are described under the 'API' section such as:

Best regards

Hello Cate

Thank you for your quick response.

I want to show some string WITHOUT HANDWRITING.
Not recognition result.
If I click on a button in my app, my app display Hello in the screen.
How can I display my string in the screen?

This is a current limit of our technology, you can't use text and equation in the MathWidget writing area.
However, if you want to display something in the writing area to indicate where the user should write, you can display a picture (Write here for example) and clear it as soon as the user starts writing.

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