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Hi, I really like to win this challenge and also have what I think is a great idea for your service, but I would need much better access to the (geometry and text) objects and be able to move them around / change their appearance / scale ... (at least in iOS for the demo to submit to you). Is this possible? Or would you give away the source for the contest?



First let me thank you for all your feedback. I've informed our developers who are aware of these limitations and will make improvements in future releases.
Having said that, please do submit a POC if not a fully functional app. As long as it's something that shows potential, a WoW effect and most importantly is easy to understand and use, then it will for sure qualify for the event.
Can't guarantee you'll win though as there is fierce competition ... :)

Best regards
Fernando Rynne
MyScript Partner Program Manager

ok, thanks for the reply ... this is unfortunately really limited :(

for this contest: would you also consider a submission for winning that is more a prove of concept as it will only work if you would allow more access to your api (which hopefully you will grant me after the award).

I don't think you missed something, we made some choices in this package and every parameter is not available. As far as colors are concerned, you can set the background and the ink colors thanks to those api:
void setInkColor(int color)
Set the color of the ink. Default color is #FF4B5775.
color - Color of the ink.

void setBackgroundColor(int color)
Set the background color of the writing area. Default is #FFFFFFFF
color - Color of the background.`
Otherwise other parameters you mentioned cannot be customized.
Best regards

could someone please answer my question as I really want to win this challenge ;-)

Dear Cate,

of course I had a closer look at the documentation and even the header-files. But as far as I can see there is no access to the geometry like changing its scale, place, color ... or did I miss something?

Dear Chris,
Unfortunately it is not possible to provide you with more access than those we offer in our current development tool kits.
Did you have a look at the description of use cases and features of every widget?

For Geometry Widget iOS, you will find the api reference by choosing ‘Geometry'
For Text recognition, we provide several widgets examples such as Single Char or Single Line.

Please let us know if you have any other specific question.
Best regards

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