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Questions regarding ATK licenses


I'm developing an app using MyScript ATK Math, and have questions regarding its license.

First, it states that 5.1.3 You shall require End-Users to agree to terms of use (EULA) that protect the Application (and the rights to any technology included therein) to at least the extent of the provisions contained in this Section and state that you and your supplier(s) or licensor(s) retain all right, title and interest in the Applications and any technology included therein. in TOS. Is there example or guideline for this(EULA)?

Also, it states that 5.2 Branding - You undertake to mark, physically or electronically, each and every Application that integrates MyScript Technology, with the trademark MyScript® according to MyScript’s latest applicable marketing and communication guidelines. in TOS. Is it possible to get copy of MyScript’s latest applicable marketing and communication guidelines or similar?

Thank you.

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Hi Wisechild,
I have sent you a private email with the information you are seeking. Please let me know by reply to this thread if you don't receive it.

Best regards,
Fernando Rynne
MyScript Partner Program Director