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Extract data from scanned documents having handwritten and printed text

We are developing a tool in which
1. scanned documents having printed and handwritten text preprocessed(skew, rotate , un-blur etc) first programmatically(
2. This (handwritten and printed) data extracted from these documents programmatically .
3. This data is verified against business rules.
4. This data is saved in database .
5. Also exported in csv,xlsx,rtf file .
6. Also these scanned documents may be unstructured ....
Is this possible by your tool if it is possible .
I want to evaluate your tool and also want to see demo if possible asap.

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Dear Suresh,

thank you for contacting us.

Our technology is not based on image recognition, it requires X and Y coordinates captured from a device such as a touch screen, a digital pen... ; more details can be found in the following topic of the forum:

Regarding the technology, on this portal, you can either try the ATK products, which provide recognition of text lines, characters, or math, depending on the widget you use ; or, you can try the MyScript Cloud, which requires a JSON input, and returns with the recognition. This latter one is probably faster to try and integrate.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


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