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Handwriting is no longer recognized suddenly

Handwriting is no longer recognized suddenly part of the iPad.
Expiration date of the license of ATK is still more than 9 months .
Cause I do not know .

Sorry for the delay and thanks again for alerting us. We have clearly identified how the issue occurred and we have implemented new security settings in order to prevent it from happening again in the future.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused you.
Best regards

Problem was convergence , but you may want to tell me.
The problem was something that did not occur in the device that contains the application of the same version .
I want you to tell me to that problem has occurred what was different .

Is there a possibility that the same problem in the future will occur ?

It was re- install the application , was operating normally .

Thanks to this support .

What is the future all right ?

Best regards!

Dear Sir,
We have been investigating and have finally made a change in our server database that should solve the problem. Your application should be working properly now on every device if they have an internet connection. Users may need to restart the application.
Please let us know if it solves the issue.
Best regards

Are there any possibilities that the applications on the users' devices that are currently running would also stop in the near future?

Why are the temporary licenses counted as regular ones on the administrative console?

The application is distributed in the AppStore, it takes too much time to apply .
there are already many of the claims.
there is no other way ?

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks for all those details, we have carefully checked your account and all seems to be alright.
When you buy ATK license pack, there's no expiration date anymore, so the application won't stop on users devices. About the 3 devices that stopped working yesterday and was working for more than 1 year, I guess the application was deployed first with a temporary certificate, could you please try to uninstall and deploy again on those devices with the latest certificate?
Thanks for your patience.

It is a state of emergency .
Also no longer recognize one after another handwriting device which has been available for more than one year until now .
I want you somehow before that many users become unusable .

– Does your application run before on the same device?

It had been able to run on that device until yesterday .
Two of the five devices are no longer able to run suddenly .

– Did you enable internet connection on this device?

These devices are always connected to the Internet .
Re- installation of the application was also tried but was not able to run .

– Which widget do you use? If you add some logs, what is the exact error message?

I use the Text , but does not convert from the blue character . Blue character does not change anything .
Error messages are not displayed .


Thanks for your bug report.
I confirm your ATK licenses are valid until November. In order to troubleshoot, could you please provide us with more details?
- Does your application run before on the same device?
- Did you enable internet connection on this device?
- Which widget do you use? If you add some logs, what is the exact error message?
Best regards

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