Creating a RestAPI with inkstroke and MyScript

Hi everyone my name is David. I need a little support with some doubts about MyScript and inkstroke lib in JavaScript. I am working on RestAPI with inkstroke and inkML-SVG conversion either on python or JavaScript (prefer). I have some uninsured knowledge about MyScript lib that I need to realize. Please I have done the request json to MyScript server but I need to create and response by json my client request from my GUI on the browser. Any one know about that or tutorial to read to specialize in this topic. Thanks in advances


Thanks for your message. Did you have a look at our MyScript JS developer guide?
MyScript JS libs are available on GitHub

Please let us know if you face any issue.
Best regards

Thanks for answering. Now I am looking into Server side of MyScript and I am not clear yet, I need more information about RESt Web services. I need to know how to capture inkstroke to svg and vice-versa. Any recommendations will be appreciated. I would like to include Node js into my Web Application to do RESTapi waking up, but I need to know if MyScript Node js is available with shell command line to register any processes between the client and server. Node js is an open source in JavaScript and is very flexible and adaptable with server side. Please any advice. Thanks

Dear Dave,

Thanks for those details about your request.
Unfortunately we don't have any plan to address such request as it is not part of our MyScript Cloud offer.
So I am afraid we won't have any specific advice about node js implementation; on our side, we had some developments based on it for internal testing purpose only.
On GitHub, you may find useful information or codes in our MyScript JS libraries to get inspired for this project but we can't assist you to achieve this, please accept our apologies for this limitation.
Best regards

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