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I have integrated ATK with a paid iOS App. It seems there is a problem with the concept of MyScript licensing per device that can easily CONFLICT with Apple's policy allowing many devices per a single user account.

This means that I won't be able to charge the iOS user for any extra device he installs the App on and still deduct myScript licence count! My question is: are there any future plans to change your licensing policy instead of (per/device) to be (per/user's eMail) ?

It is fine if the user installs the same App on the same iPhone model. but not charged if he installs on another model. E.g. user installed App on iPhone 5s, then he tries to install on another similar device iPhone 5s, MyScript can deduct a license, but if the user installs on a new iPhone 6 then he wont be charged. this way I can be sure my investment is sound.

Another issue is with App free trials: It would be really nice if I can offer certain myScript features in a FREE release such as (only capital letters are recognized and only English), then if user buys (in-App purchase) then he can use myScript in full (upper/lower/numbers/symbols/languages). This way we can adapt to the App-Store's echo system which relies heavily on free trials.

Best wishes to all myScript team.

As mentioned in your previous post
Once available on the AppStore, your application will follow the AppStore policy rules. So a user who changes his device will be able to download it on another device using the same iTunes & AppStore account he used for the purchase.
Our ATK licensing is per activated device so I confirm you a second license would be used in this scenario. Actually we have to follow Apple Store rules as well and have no way to get user or device information, we have only one id (specified by Apple) that we can use, that's why our licensing model has been established this way. Some developers choose to set their pricing based on several runtimes cost or to create in-apps purchase with subscriptions, so they have their own business model into their apps.
About custom resources, it is not currently available, but we may provide a tool to address such request in the future.
Best regards,

Thank you Cate

I didn't know that Apple provided such limited information!

Will re-Think my business model this way

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