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License management:
A license is defined as the first launch of one application on one device. It is discounted each time the configure method for ATK1.3 or registerCertificate method for ATK2 is called from a new device. A free starter pack is offered, containing 40-licenses to run the samples and discover our technology. This pack enables you to install and run one application on 40 devices (or n applications on 40/n devices).

Go to the Applications tab on to see your remaining licenses. Go to to buy additional licenses (either 500 or 1,000 units).
If you install and run the samples, your license account will be deducted (because the configure or registerCertificate method is called at the launch of the samples).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Dear Jacky,

Yes, each time your application will be launched on a device (each time the 'register certificate' method will be called on a device), it will count for one ATK license.
You will receive e-mails to warn you how many ATK licenses remain, so you can buy other ATK license pack and avoid users getting a 'certificate' error when running the application on a new device.

Please let us know if you need additional explanations.
Best regards

Hi Cate,

I have confused about license management rules:
Buy additional licenses for 500 or 1,000 units.
=> if I use ATK in my application with additional license, will my application be only installed for 1000 devices maximum ?

Dear Faisal Almahdi,

thank you for your post. We understand your request.

Currently, here is the way the ATK licenses work on the developer portal:
-After buying a cartridge of licenses, for each device that includes the ATK, a license of the cartridge will be used.
-From a technical point of view, on the developer portal, we have no way to provide with a time-limited that would allow to use the ATK for a given period of time without discounting a license in the cartridge.

Otherwise, you can contact our sales services, to discuss you project and see if another solution can be found:

Best regards,


Marketing a paid mobile app is a totally new challenge!

My question: Is there a way to let the user try before buy?

For example. The user can try the app with myScript activated free for 1 month. then he will be presented with a prompt to pay the app fees to continue enjoying using it.

I'm facing big problems marketing such app with direct paid option. Free is essential at the beginning. I'd be happy to hear any other suggestions too.

Thank you so much

ATK licenses can be bought on our website using a paypal account.

Best regards

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