Limiting the recognized signs and solving afterwards


as I read in another thread, it is possible to limit the signs that the MathWidget will recognize via a build which uses another resource file. How do we have to proceed to get access to such a build? Can we deliberately exclude all symbols/operators or what are the limitations? (eg we want to exclude all letters but keep the e as it may be used as the Euler constant).

Right now we also face the problem that the widget often confuses the x with the multiplication sign. Will this bug be solved by excluding the x as a letter? (The underlying classification algorithm might have to be trained again then as well?)

Finally, we were thinking about which solver to use. Do you have any recommendations or hints which libraries might be helpful or at least a good starting point?
Ideally, the library would parse the MathML to internal objects which could be modified and evaluated. Afterwards the object should be parsed again to MathML so that it can be rendered by MathJax eventually.

We hope that you can support us on this because so far your comments were always very helpful,

Dear Florian,
We will provide you with developer tools in the near future, so you will be able to create custom resource such as specific Math Grammar that would help to address your needs.
About confusion between ‘x’ and the multiply symbol, our recognition engine has been built to choose the best ‘candidate’ depending on what is written before and after the character. Please let us if you face any issue regarding the recognition of entire equations. If you need better isolated character recognition, custom resource will be helpful.

About the solver, we don’t have particular recommendations on Android, maybe this post about iOS would help:
Hope it helps,
Best regards

Dear Florian,
Maybe you didn't notice yet that the custom resource tool is now available when you are logged on our developer portal?
You can find more details in this post:
and in MathWidget android documentation:

Best regards

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