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MAWMathWidget taking whole area

I am using Myscript MAWMathWidget for recognising math problems.but it turns out widget taking whole area for text we cannot append or edit problems is there a way where we can decrease font size allowing user to write full problem ? I'm using padding ratio its to help full

 UIEdgeInsets insets = { .left = 1.0, .right = 1.0, .top = 0.2, .bottom = 0.2 };
self.mathViewController.paddingRatio = insets;


please help

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Dear Sir,

This is actually a good way to allow the user to write in the whole area but display the result only in a smaller part of the MathWidget view.
We have just done some successful tests by adding your code after the MathView creation on an iPad pro and simulator. Regarding the screenshot you provided, it seems it does not work on your side.
Did you make any other change in the default sample? Which device/simulator do you use?

Best regards