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Installing for Visual Studio

I was having some trouble getting Visual Studio Community 2015 Version 14.0.23107.0 to open some of the examples included in the 2.0 ATK package. When I open the solution, %InstallPath%SamplesMyScript Application Toolkit Sample.sln, it says the projects are (unavilable). If I right-click them an option is available to Install Missing Feature(s), but when I click that and click install it does nothing. The software it claims I need is Universal Windows Platform Tools and Windows 10 SDK 10.0.10240. I manually downloaded and installed the software it mentioned, but after having done so it still did not seem to work.

I followed the Windows Developer Guide here to the letter:

I installed the certificate and added the NuGet Package, but after those two set-up things, it says it should work. Am I missing something? Granted I'm new at this, but it seems like it shouldn't be this difficult.

Thanks for your message.
It seems you have followed all instructions.
Could you please also confirm you use Visual studio 2015 Update 1?
You can check 'nuget' are properly deployed on your machine in the folder:
C:Users[username].nugetpackages where you should find:
- MyScript.Atk.Core.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.Geometry.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.GeometryWidget.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.IMCommon.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.Math.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.MathWidget.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.SingleCharWidget.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.SingleLineWidget.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.Text.uwp

Please let us know if it helps and exact error message if you still have issue.
Best regards

Apologies for the delayed reply, but I checked C:Users[username].nugetpackages and the .nuget package isn't there. I did a search on all my drives, and I found no such .nuget folder. Perhaps that is the problem?

I am sorry but you should use Visual studio 2015 Update 1 14.0.24720.00 at least to open our Windows packages.

Best regards

I face the same problem with vs2015, I cannot see for nuget packages the c:/atk1.2
as in your example
the vs2015 studio version:
on windows-7
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
Version 14.0.25123.00 Update 2
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.6.01055

cannot run the c# solution, I have no RUN botton, just ATTACH, there is no any other documentation how to advance
I stuck in the C# implementation

Dear Emanuel,

Could you please add a screenshot of the 'MyScript Application Toolkit Sample.sln' Visual studio project?

I have just added an article with a video that should be of help, as your account has been created before several month ago before the latest ATK release and you will have to create Windows certificate manually:

Please let me know if you have any other specific question (screenshot may be of help in order to better help you).

Best regards

Hi Cate,

I opened new account under, as offered by mr. Fernando
I downloaded the latest ATK 2.1
so there is no version ATK problem,
the problem is in C# project where I cannot, follow your documentation on nuget
I changed the packages source path to:
packages load when I click the '+'
and update button
how I run the project ? I made build
I clicked attach , attach for what program ?
I don't see the standard run button in project

how I paste the screenshot , I have to make image file ?
or just ctrl/V ? that not succeeded

4. CTK
I also created CTK application certificate, how I build my first application , step-by-step instruction ?

Thanks for those details and sorry for the delay, at first sight I don't know what is wrong with your visual studio project and I was currently preparing a new video to help troubleshooting.

To create an application with our cdk offer, a webinar is available and should be very helpful:

Best regards

Hi Cate,
I'll follow your link for CTK

2. ATK
how I send you screen shot, as you adviced from this post ?
I need to add any TAG before the CTL/V (paste)?

To add screenshot, click the 'img' button of this message top bar and you will be asked to share a url where your file has been previously stored (dropbox, gyazo, or imgur could be useful tools)


vs2015 screenshot nuget settingsnullATK
1. no start button , just attach

2. how I continue from this point

You can also send us screenshots to this e-mail address: devportal.admin[at]
Please find a video that show how to run our samples on Windows, please let me know what is different on your side, so we can investigate further:

Let me inform you that our office and services will be closed tomorrow, as is a public holiday in France.

Best regards

Hi Cate,
I follow the video,
I found the the VS2015 not loading from /packages the nuget packages of the project
also got prompt windows 10 sdk should be installed (for universal componenents ...)
on windows-7 ,what vs2015 (community) studio need for the samples solution ?
can you help some workaround, to by-pass this problem ?

2. if I'll succeed to stable the VS2015
from webinar1 html I saw that on mousemove, on each stroke, it's send the canvas to server
by websocket.
I would like to use same procedure in C#,
from html send canvas by websocket to C# server (actually the samples project)
on fire same events as the local viewer send to your engine , and get results.

actually I replace the local C# client Viewer with javascript canvas viewer

do you have some sample code implementation of that ?

Hi Cate,
VS2015, after some vs2015 updates,
at last I succeed to open samples project , without any prompt and according to your video,
I see in the solution view as in video.

2. but still from nuget settings, after trying to get the /packages recource for ATK-2.1
it is not loading all the packages , as in video.
can you help something about ?

Dear Emanuel,
I am glad the video helped you to move forward.
If I understand well, the project opens properly but fails to download nuget packages.
I don't reproduce this issue but I think it's worth it to try the following:
- check the 'Package restore' options are properly set (see picture below):
please refer to the documentation for more details:
- if it still fails, close visual studio and open the solution again.

Please let me know if you see the nuget files in C:Users[username].nugetpackages where you should find:
– MyScript.Atk.Core.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.Diagram.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.DiagramWidget.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.Geometry.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.GeometryWidget.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.IMCommon.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.Math.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.MathWidget.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.SingleCharWidget.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.SingleLineWidget.uwp
– MyScript.Atk.Text.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.UI.Prompter.uwp
- MyScript.Atk.UI.uwp

Thanks for your patience.