How to reload symbol list that previously generate?

I use widget.getResultAsSymbolList() to get the symbollist, but how to display it in the widget like after you have write on it?

Dear Sir,
Sorry for the delay, this is possible using the AddSymbols api, unfortunately we have noticed an issue in the current package version. AddSymbols currently fails due to null bounding box values.
We hope to fix it in the next release and will keep you updated. Here a short way to test the feature by adding this snippet in the 'Clear' button code of the sample:

int size = mWidget.getResultAsSymbolList().size();
Log.d(TAG, "size of symbol list=" + size);
if (tempSymbolList==null)
{ tempSymbolList = mWidget.getResultAsSymbolList();
{ mWidget.addSymbols(tempSymbolList,true);
tempSymbolList =null;}

Best regards

The issue mentioned above has been fixed in the latest ATK 2.1 version, so feel free to download it and update your MathWidget project:
You will then be able to use the 'AddSymbols' api properly.

Best regards

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