ATK problems

Hello, I have several problems on ATK, I hope you can help me.
Can they run without internet connection?
Can they recognize complex math characters?
If they have to be linked to the internet, can they work when you are in mainland china?
Can they run smoothly on mobile platforms?

Our widgets included in the ATK package have been created to run offline on mobile platforms, however you will have to turn on the Internet connection once on the device (there is a 30 day trial period) to get an unlimited time MyScript certificate.
Regarding the Symbols, you can find the list in our documentation:

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I want to get is printed image

Rather than handwriting image

I call getResultAsImage () In both cases can get

How do I just can only obtain the printed image

Thanks for your question.
Could you please give us more details how to reproduce the problem, as I am not sure to understand what you are trying to do actually.

Did you try our sample to test the different api, such as getResultAsImage () ?

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