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Is the SDK available for demo purposes?
We want to decide between CDK and SDK and have extensively tested the CDK and we want to run demos on SDK before making the final call. Do we need to request access to do demos?

Thanks and regards.

Dear Sir,

If you want to evaluate our SDK, please get in touch with our sales team:

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Dear Cate,
I have drawing app and want to add text recognization feature, in this app I have a collection of stroke needed to transform to text. Is myscript SDK suitable with my purpose ?
I have not found the document of myscript SDK in your site. Does it has trial version ? Must we buy license for see SDK and document ?

Dear Jacky,

thank you for your questions:
-Currently, the MyScript SDK is our low level recognition brick, which is used in all our applications/widgets. We have text/math/shape/music... sdks.
-The MyScript SDK is not available for test purpose on our developer portal. To evaluate it, you should get in touch with our sales team. To use it, the entry price is much higher than for the CDK/ATK on the developer portal.
-I would rather recommend you give a try to our CDK (Clould Development Kit), which is easier and faster to use:

To use the CDK: you should manage by yourself to get the ink (x and y coordinates) corresponding to your text. You should then add these in a JSON query, as explained in the documentation. After posting the query, you will be returned with the text result.

Let us know if you have any question related to the CDK.

Best regards,