Problem with number 4

Hi there, I am using the ATK in my Swift application.

Everything works perfectly fine, with the exception of the number 4.

The application uses only numbers between 0 and 9, + and -. The problem is, the number 4 is often not recognised, especially when someone draws it using two strokes. Making the 4 look like this:

Is there any way to optimise the ATK for this?

Thanks for the assistance.

Dear Martin,

thank you for contacting us.

First, which Widget of the ATK are you using: The Text Widget, or the MathWidget?

When you say the 4 made of 2 strokes is not properly recognized, what is usually recognized instead? Did you also try to create a custom grammar or lexicon, that is likely to increase the accuracy?

Best regards,


Hello, thank you for the fast response.

I am using the MathWidget.

What is usually recognised, in order of most occurring is: +, 1, 9 and sometimes a 2.

It does recognise the 4 perfectly with a single stroke.

I have indeed defined a custom grammar, consisting only of the number 0 - 9, + and -. I am thinking of removing the + out of the grammar, but the 1 still causes issues quite often.

Dear Martin,

Thanks to your help, we were able to find a bug in the MathWidget ATK.

It will be solved in the coming release of the MyScript ATK. At present, we can not yet commit when it will be delivered.

Best regards,


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