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How to create certificate to run Widgets on Windows

If you have created your account before March 2016, you may miss the Windows certificate for ATK 2 packages.
In this case, please follow the steps described below:

1) Firstly, sign-in with your account on
2) Open your dashboard
3) Access your ATK Dashboard
4) Click to 'Open' ATK Samples application
5) Click the 'Create certificate' button:
- Choose Windows
- fill in the bundle identifier of the widget you want to run (you can find this information in the manifest of the visual studio project)
- add a description (not mandatory)
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Hi Cate,

at last, we installed windows 10
and installed successfuly the atk-2.1 samples
we ran some examples , (math, char, line chars) successfully.

now we want to advance more:

1. char language, how I change in the project ,the language to other language ?,
(as we done in CTK) I already download language package, how I embed it in the project ?

2. how to get on each char it's coordinates(rectangle bounds) , and if possible it's font properties.
any C# code sample, and how to show it on the viewer beside the char(or other place) will help

3. how to delete specific char's ? I tried 'pencil delete' , but not always succeeded.

any help will be appreciate.

Hi Emanuel,
Thanks for your patience and your feedback.
I am glad you were able to run our samples successfully.

1) About Single Char Widget, as mentioned in the 'Integration' section, you can change the active language easily:

Add the download language pack to get the new 'conf' file in 'Resources/conf' folder
and the resources folder in 'Resources/resources' folder then update the appropriate method:

private void ConfigureResources()
Widget.AddSearchDir(Path.Combine(Package.Current.InstalledLocation.Path, "Resourcesconf"));
Widget.Configure("xx_XX", "si_text");

We plan to add more code samples such as multi-languages examples in the future.

2) MathWidget includes the following api that may help:
MathWidgetSymbol with 'Bounding Box' as property
MathWidget.Font property is also available.

3) About your last question, I am not sure to get your point, can you give us more input to reproduce the problem?

Best regards

Hi Cate,
text line API
I mean to get each char (letter) in the line it's coordinates ?
like translated 'A' in in pixels coordinate(left,top,right,bottom)
how I manage widgets API in VS2015 project ?
some code demo example, to test it locally.

Hi Cate

ATK in VS2015
with what widget properties/methods, I can get an object array, of each letter and it's properties
like: coordinates, belong to word.., and so on.
I followed the code but could not find
any code sample about will help.

Such information are not available at the widget level, unfortunately. Only our Interactive Text component offers such api, but we are still defining the next version and there is no windows version as it is not part of ATK2 release.
It would be of help to better understand the needs of your project and check how it could fit with our offer. Did you get in touch with the sales team?

Best regards


Certificate error on installing window package on other PC

I got an error, (maybe time passed), that on install new package I got certificate error.

how I renew new certificate on each  VS project , I have math widget project, singleLine project.. and so on



Dear Emanuel,

I am afraid I do not understand properly your question. Please try to provide with more information, so that we can provide with more accurate answers:
-Did you install a Visual Studio on a new computer, and you can not run the ATK?
-Did you deploy your application on a new device, and it happens it is no longer working after a while?

1-In the first case, this is not likely to occur, you can use the same certificate on several computers, as we are only counting certificates on the devices the application is installed, not on the computer used for development.

2-In the second case, when installing the application on a new device, you at least need to connect once to the internet 30 days after installing the application on the device, otherwise the application will stop working. This is needed to count the license.

If this doesn't answer your question, please provide with more information, so that we better understand the behavior you are facing.

Best regards,


Hi Olivier,


the developer VS is on one computer,

and it works properly 

2. I made local package of the project

3. now I copy the package on other machine

on install procedure I got an error : certificate error....

I think the error occurred because time pass (more than half a year)

do I need to download again new certificate for each project ? on the developer PC

and create package again ?

the PC developer, and the PC for package install,are open to internet



Dear Emanuel,

based on the information you are providing, it rather looks like some resources (e.g. .conf file, or .res file -example en_US-ak-cur.lite.res-) are not properly attached to your application, and when the application is starting, it can not find these.

Can you please check the following:
-For each Resource file in your project, ensure "Build action" is set to "Content", and "Copy to Output Directory" is set to "Copy always".

This way, when deploying your application, all Resources should be properly added, and if adding it on otherwise device, it should work properly.

If this doesn't help, feel free to provide with your application, so that we can see the exact error that is raised.

Best regards,


certificate time expiration


is it also connected to time of certificate , when installed from beginning ?

because 4 months ago (on december 2016) , the package install worked correctly,

how I renew the certificate for each project ?

so it will start from now ?

2. also I'll check your project resource, advice


Dear Emanuel,

you can indeed try a new certificate. For this purpose, go on your ATK dashboard, and download a new one. You can normally use it for all the ATKs (MW, SLTW...).

Best regards,


Hi Olivier,

how long (in days)  MyCertificate.cs after download from Samples ATK is valid ?

I saw last download was in about july 2016

do we need to renew it (after time period) , by Create new certificate + download to folder application ?

or it's endless ?

Hi Olivier,

certificate update for ATK2.1 Samples solution

to create new certificate for download

what is the identifier name, that will be valid for whole solution 

because each project has it's own package identifier


Dear Emanuel,

If the identifier is different in between each application, you should indeed have a certificate for each application.

You then need to create a certificate for each identifier in your ATK dashboard.

Best regards,

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