Issues integrating using swift 2.2

I am trying to declare ITCPageInterpreter but I am getting an error User of unresolved identifier 'ITCPageInterpreter'. Am I suppose to import a module into ViewController.swift? I have imported AtkItc/ITC.h into the bridging header file.

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Currently, as the Interactive Text Component is rather old, we never tried to run it in the swift environment.

Nevertheless, all you should normally need is to import the ITC.h file in your sample, as the ITCPageInterpreter.h file is included in the ITC.h file.

Are you facing any other error or warning?

Otherwise, can you please provide us with a sample we just need to build out of the box, so that we can investigate further?

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I have figured out the problem. I forgot to manually add the bridge file in the build settings.

Thanks for your feedback!

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