MyScript Math Sample (Microsoft Word plugin)

About MyScript Math Sample (Microsoft Word plugin)

We have made available a Word plugin on the Office Store, so users can add mathematical equations to a Word document in a simple and intuitive way and so developers can get the source code on GitHub.

More than 200 symbols are supported, (see list here as well as multi-lines and matrices. Scratch-out elements to delete them. Use the buttons to undo or redo an action or to clear the add-in screen.

Reminder of the features
- Real-time recognition with typesetting preview
- Insert recognized ink as a standard Word equation object
- Editing gesture (scratch-out) + undo/redo

Developers: The source code of MyScript Math sample is available for free,
Get more information :

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HI all:  I added MyScript add-in to Word and it does not work for some reason.  Below is the error I am getting.  Any help?


i'm having the same problem. Offline as well as online

After iOS update, it doesn't work

Dear Danilo,

thank you for contacting us.

We are currently working on this. It should be solved shortly.

Best regards,


The cloud service is back, so the plugin should be working again.

Best regards

Thank Clarie.  I tested and worked.  So is it possible to create a web page to which you can add this MyScript application so people can write their equations easily?  If yes, can you point me in the right direction of how to do this?  

D ear  Danilo,

Have you already tried to follow the tutorial explained on this page?

The source code of MyScript Math sample is available for free, on GitHub

Best regards

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