Math editor crashed the randomly

Hi,sometime when we open the math editor it gets this error and app crashes.The error is occurring in following lines of code.

Fatal Exception: com.myscript.atk.core.EngineError

com.myscript.atk.core.ATKCoreJNI.InkSampler_getStrokeCount (ATKCoreJNI.java)
com.myscript.atk.core.InkSampler.getStrokeCount (InkSampler.java:67)
com.myscript.atk.math.widget.controller.MathWidgetController._isEmpty (MathWidgetController.java:2110)
com.myscript.atk.math.widget.controller.MathWidgetController.isEmpty (MathWidgetController.java:2095)
com.myscript.atk.math.widget.controller.MathWidgetController._solveAndBeautified (MathWidgetController.java:1319)
com.myscript.atk.math.widget.controller.MathWidgetController.internalSolve (MathWidgetController.java:1301)
com.myscript.atk.math.widget.actions.ActionsHandler.handleMessage (ActionsHandler.java:190)

I am unable to find the issue as randomly this happens.Recently i had created a new certificate due to invalidation but it works fine,can that cause this issue?

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Dear Sulman Khurshid,

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, the above log doesn't help much. We then have few questions:
-Which changes did you do in the MathWidget for Android?
-Which version of the ATK are you using? The latest one? If no, can you please upgrade to the latest one and see if it helps?
-Which resources are you using? The default ones?
-What are you usually writing when the crash occurs?

Best regards,


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