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Does CDK have the feature to recognize more precisely by uploading target text?

Business case:
We send the static ink and target text as reference in the same time for your recognition 
The CDK give the recognition result align to the target text as close as possible.
For example:
the Ink "i,I,1" are almost looks like the same,  in case  the target text is "1",  the expect result is 1 .

You can add custom resource if you need to disambiguate between such characters, you will then be able to send request calling your custom resource.

I invite you to have a look to this post that gives more details about how to proceed:

Please let us know if it answers your needs.

Best regards

"Thanks for the reply! We find uploading the custom resource file is very useful.

But what we need is a feature like “handwriting ink evaluation ” , which is to send the dynamic custom reference text linked to the each ink individually and the recognition shall check the ink is correct or not.

For example, the dynamic given correct text is “this is an expected answer with 1 character i ” , the correct text uploaded meantime together with the caught ink to the CDK service., then expected recognition result should as close as to the correct text. In case the recognition result is not the same as the correct text, it would be much better if you can give the feedback to tell which ink is wrong."


Thanks for those details, I better understand your needs now:

First you will have to get several results available in the candidate list: 

Choose 'Text' as 'resultDetail' parameter, and increase the candidate list (set to one candidate by default) as mentioned in 'Recognition types' chapter of the cloud documentation:

"textParameter": {"resultDetail": "TEXT"}
"textProperties": {"textCandidateListSize": 4}


Then if you need to compare the expected result and the recognition result, you will have to implement such features based on the results available in the candidate list for every text field you manage in your app.

Please let me know if it helps.

Best regards

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