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Nuget Package Files Not working.

Im trying to install some nugget packages but It does not work. Im using Visual Studio 2017. I just got the files from

Im not Shure what the problem is?


Here is full error. Sorry.


I can confirm the issue. Followed the instructions as given but the NuGet Files can't be installed in VS17.


Dear Nicholas, dear Joschka,

Thank you for your questions.

Currently, you are trying to download the nuget files from the remote location

Our nuget files are not available on it, you should indeed load these from your local computer, and proceed as shown in our Windows 10 tutorial video:

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


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Olivier I did follow that video and that is what did not work in Visual Studio 2017. I tried Visual Studio 2015 and for some reason it worked with the same project, so no problem.

Anyway thanks for the reply.

Seems like there are some sort of compatibility problems with VS2017 with the sample project files and its dependencies. I will try to get it to work with VS15 for now, but I'd be nice if you guys could take a look at that issue.


Dear Nicholas, dear Joschka,

Indeed, it appears ATK 2.2 for Windows 10 is not working properly with Visual Studio 2017.

We then recommend you use the Visual Studio 2015 release 3.

Best regards,

Dear Nicholas, Dear Joschka,

it seems we could find a workaround using the nuget in command line mode.

To proceed:
-Let's say you deployed our Windws 10 in c:/temp directory
-The nuget file are then located into the c:/temp/Packages directory
-The whole solution MyScript Application ToolKit Samples.sln is located into the c:/temp/Samples directory
-call nuget restore as follows: nuget restore -Source "nuget directory" "full path of MyScript\ Application\ ToolKit\ Samples.sln": nuget restore -Source C:\temp\Packages "C:\temp\Samples\MyScript Application ToolKit Samples.sln"

Let us know if this works on you side.

Best regards,


Hi Tony,

I answered this topic here :


Maria C. - MyScirpt Support Team

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