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Firstly the geometry API has a very impressive set of features that makes drawing geometrical diagrams very efficient in comparison to other methods. However below is a list of some of the tasks that I would like to be able to complete but that appear to be impossible with the current API: 1) Controlling the position of the labels as the automatic positioning does not always put the labels in aesthetically pleasing positions. 2) Labelling angles with values including degrees and minutes and letters or symbols. 3) Selecting, moving and resizing objects that have already been created, using drag controls as in the Diagram API which would solve my first issue as well. 4) Having the ability to create or select different styles of indicators for equal lengths and angles. Such as double ticks instead of different colours. 5) Having the ability to add lines with arrowheads, as in the Diagram API. 6) Having the ability to add images or doodles to the canvas so that it is possiible to produce geometrical constructions over these backgrounds. If I have missed anything and any of the above are already possible then please let me know. Otherwise It would be great if these features could be added to future versions of the Geometry API.

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Dear Christopher,

thank you for contacting us and the interest you show to our Diagram Widget.

Your suggestions have been forwarded to the corresponding team.

Feel free to submit any new idea you may have regarding our products!

Best regards,


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