Single Line Text Widget

In SLTW ,how can we got the actual text through sltw without conversion.

Dear Sir,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, my understanding is that you would like to use the SIngle Line Text Widget, without using the text recognition? Currently, it is not possible to disable the recognition.

Is it possible to learn more about your use-case, so that we may think of another way to proceed?

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Hi Olivier,

Suppose user wrote somethings on SLTW in any handwriting format then i need to capture that text not the recognize text. Is it clear for you Sir?



Dear Dangwal,

if I understand well, you would like to keep all the features of the SLTW (interactivity, write, erase, scroll...) but disable the recognition?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, text recognition can not be disabled.

Best regards,

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