Interactive Ink

How Can I initialize the EditorView without using findViewById?


I'm using interactive ink with AndroidStudio,

and I'm trying to make the app witch I can run the several engins at same time.

I understand that it's not supported to set the multiple engines on an EditorView, so I'm thinking that if  i can initialize several EditorView , then I can set the different engines on each EditorView.

But I wonder is it avaliable to initialize EditorView not by using findViewById, like this 

EditorVIew editorView = findViewById( =>  EditorView editorView = new EditorView(context);

if it's avaliable, how much information of view should I set to the EditorView to recognize the writing information.

Thank you.

Dear Rutsu Kagiwada San,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, it is not possible to have several engines at the same time.

What do you exactly want to achieve? Indeed, you can create several part in parallel (e.g. several text parts), which may answer your needs.

Best regards,


Dear Olivier

Thank you for your reply.

I created several part in parallel then I could do what I wanted.

Thanks a lot.