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Can I use iink SDK like SaaS by sending stroke data?


I'm trying to develop Android app that use iink SDK.

I hope that...

   1) an app user handwrites on canvas,

   2) a program extracts stroke data on canvas, and send it to iink function,

   3) iink function returns result of recognition

But, i cannot find the function that receive the stroke data.

Is my idea wrong?

Dear Sir,

currently, for such pupose, you should use the PointerEvents function.

You can find few examples in the following topics:

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

Thank you for your advice.

Do you mean that?

  The SDK don't have functions for receiving stroke data, 

  but we can get recognition result by using  "editor.pointerDown" and "editor.pointerMove".

Dear Sir,

Currently, the below API (editor.pointerDown and editor.pointerMove) is to add the strokes by yourself.

In your case, you should proceed as follows:
-Get the points events from your device
-Provide these points to editor.pointerDown and editor.pointerMove API
-Wait for recognition to end
-Export in JIIX

=> You can then get the converted result and display it:

Best regards,

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