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Bad math recognition (iOS)


I finally succeed at integrating Interactive Ink SDK into my app in Swift.

I used the sample Swift code to configure the engine (all the config files are present).
I'm using a Swift library called SwiftyDraw to create the drawable canvas.
I only need the LaTex result so I left both the IINKRenderTarget and the IINKFontMetricsProvider empty.
I used the scaledDpi method from the sample code.

I'm getting the LaTex result but the recognition isn't reliable at all. To get a precise recognition I have to draw a single number that fills all the screen. 
For instance when I draw "3" at a regular size it recognizes a "9" or "}" but when I draw a very big "3", it returns "3" as excepted.

Do you know where it comes from ?

Thank you

Here is my wrapper:



Here are the methods called when drawing:


And here the the export function:


Dear Nicolas,

thank you for the update.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Best regards,


Solved. I switched to the ATK SDK and the MathWidget.


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