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Editor view doesnot display anything

Even after I feed the EditorView with the event array, it is white and doesn't display anything.Here is a part of the code:


ContentPackage contentPackage = engine.openPackage(packageNameFile);
 ContentPart contentPart = contentPackage.getPart(0);
Editor editor = editorView.getEditor();
PointerEvent[] events = new PointerEvent[X_array.length];
for(int i=0;i<X_array.length;i++){
events[i]=new PointerEvent(PointerEventType.MOVE, X_array[i], Y_array[i], -1, 0, PointerType.PEN, 1);
editor.pointerEvents(events, false);
Here X_array and Y_array contains the coordinates          

Dear Debangshu Paul,

thank you for your question.

Whenn adding the strokes using the PointerEvent API, rendering is normally properly done.

Can you confirm you are using the default uireferenceimplementation we are providing, or you developped your own one?

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply, I am using the default uireferanceimplementation that you are providing.And also I am new to this so I cannot figure out how to make the strokes display on the screen after feeding the editor with the pointer events array, and also I am using the xml file that came with it as my main xml file .It would be great if you could guide me how to do it or point me to some documentation that would help me do it.Thanks.