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Is there any function in iink SDK such as setBeautificationOption in ATK???

Hello~ I'm comparing iink with ATK 2.2(Math) for my android Project.

I found setBeautificationOption in ATK 2,2 and i could change easily what i wrote.

However i couldn't find in iink such as  setBeautificationOption  funciton,,

I know that there is several configuration options in iink SDK (

But i cannot find and perform like setBeautificationOption function.. 

And i don't know that what is convenience in iink comparing with ATK 2.2 SDK,,,

As i developer, ATK 2.2 SDK is more convenient than iink SDK i think,,(Beacause there is not recognition listener and little bit difficult for using)

So, i wonder Iink SDK's advantage comparing with ATK2.2 SDK,, 

Please answer about above all question in detail~~(Beacause i have to choose proper SDK for my project and gonna purchase license as company)

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Dear Youngbae Kim,

thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, thre is not setBeautificationOption API with the iink. For such pupose, you should implement your own UIReferenceImplementation.

Also, we do not recommend you start a new application with the ATK, as this latter one is not planned to be maintained.

Best regards,

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