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How to write into a textbox on our site using Myscript


I would like to know how to build a form with text boxes where direct writing into textboxes is possible with touch input so that the handwritten input text converts to English text automatically using Myscript APIs. This functionality has been showcased at textblock section of

At present we are using webdemo like a big canvas to enter handwritten input. It would be great if we can enter handwritten script directly into textbox of the form.

Please guide us.



Hi Venkat,

I am guessing you are expecting a something close to this example

If so please feel free to clone and adapt it to your need

If i misunderstood what you need please let me know.

Best regards


Is it possible to do something similar in an android app?

Dear Piujsh,

An update was provided in another post.

Best regards,


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