AddBlock MimeType.Text does not handle newline characters

It appears that the Export to MimeType.Text inserts newline characters into the text correctly. However, if I call Editor.AddBlock MimeType.Text and pass in text with newline characters, the text is rendered on a single line.  It appears that there is no way to pass text into the system and have it handle newline characters. Is this correct?

I am using the Windows WPF demo codebase.

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Hi Keith,

This issue has been fixed and the fix should be available in the upcoming 1.1.1, currently under final testing.

Note: it is not possible to have empty lines within a single text block inside a Text Document. Multiple '\n' will thus be reduced to a single one during the import. If you want different paragraphs (thus multiple blocks separated by an empty line), you will need to pre-split your data and do several imports, placed such as to leave the space for one empty line between them.

Best regards,


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