MyScriptJS Change the latex before rendering?

I'm working in MyScriptJs.  Is there a way to change the recognized data before rendering. For example, When I write 


The default renderer will show 1/2+1/3 ~ 0.833,

but I want to change it to 1/2+1/3 = 5/6.    which should be better.

I'm using some other ways to calculate result from the latex recognized.  I just want to change the rendering part to show my latex data.



We do no support nor fraction resolution nor import of Latex into our model that would allow the feature you request. We are working on both. This may land in the next version coming this summer. Keep posted.

For the moment what you can do is to disable the support by setting the 'recognitionParams.V4.math.solver.enable' to false as describe here

Best regards

Pierre-Alban - head of cloud @MyScript

Thank you for your quick response. Hope we can see the next version soon.


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