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 I remember Hindi (Devanagari) was in the list of languages in demo. I don't see it anymore. It was working like a charm.

If it is hidden from the list and still available, I would like to know the language code.

Also I am trying to use the web (HTML) and I think it needs CDK. Please confirm.

I had committed to one of our customers after seeing the demo.

Please help!!

This is what i was talking about dated back on 10/14/16


Hi Ganesh, It's gone from the demo as we switch to a V4 api that is not supporting Devanagari yet. You can still use the V3 that support it. You can find an example on MyScriptJS page at Please let me know if that is what your are looking and really hopes it will let you build what your customer has requested. Best regards Pierre-Alban DEWITTE - head of cloud @MyScript

Yes and thank you!!. If I want to use it what is the language code that I need to use for example for English en_US.

What is it for Hindi and other languages.




The list of support languages with their code is available here 

hi_IN is the code for Hindi

Best regards

Pierre-Alban DEWITTE - head of cloud @MyScript

Thanks but I get 404 error.

Also is there a step by step guide to implement the integration on Mac and PC?

Hi, The good link s here : The step by step guide for MyScriptJS is here : Regards Pierre-Alban DEWITTE - heaf of cloud @MyScript
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