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Speech Input option in Myscript Stylus and Nebo

MyScript Stylus is an awsome application as is Nebo. I have been way this in conjunction with the marvelous Lenovo Yoga book (which feels like a dream-come-true combination from outer space -thanks for enabling this!) and am still astonished how well this works under Android. What I am missing though is the inclusion of a real-time speech-input option to easily jump between text input by pen keyboard and voice, as well as the ability to correct with the pen. Voice input (obviously by a different manufacturer) is unbeaten in its speed to collect large amounts of text. keyboard input is the most precise one (although the MyScript software is already breathtaking good. Pen input excels when it comes to correcting mistakes. A combination of the three (or two) in one interface would become a hallmark in human-machine interface design. Even the ability to listen and collect handwriting input at the same time would enable low error input via redundancy (this means reading aloud what one writes). One more thing: an "undo"-function for Stylus would be helpful too to get around problems that appear especially when correcting text. Keep up the wonderful and innovative work!
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