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Have some doubt regarding documentation about INK SDK.


I am interested in single line Text Block integration in my application "handwriting recognition"

I have gone through following documentation for detailing :

  1.  In features I have referred Text block session. 
  2.  Developer Guide.

And also cloned the Github examples repository for more understanding. Still I don't have sound clarification or understanding about how to implement Text Block.

Is there any additional document for developer which describes how to implement single line Text Block for handwriting recognition?

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Dear hrushishinde7,

The documentation you reference is quite exhaustive regarding the Interactive Ink functionalities.

To implement the Text Block functionality you refer to, you should consider the following opertions:

- create a ContentPart of type "Text" for each handwriting recognition block, and associate it with an Editor.

- when user starts writing, detect which Text Block is being edited and send the events to the associated editor

You can use the view transform settings or a custom offset to ensure the strokes are properly positioned.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,

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