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Custom words on the fly


I'd like users of my app to be able to add custom words to the lexicon—for example, fictional names of characters or places. I saw that I can build custom lexicons via an online tool, then compile that into the app. Obviously users of my app won't be able to add words that way. How can I enable the capacity to add words into the lexicon on the fly? MyScript doesn't seem to take the local dictionary into account. Thanks.

I'm using IInk SKD 1.1 for Android:

Dear Rev,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the iink SDK doesn't allow to add words on the fly. This is a feature we are thinking of implementing. Nevertheless, at present we cannot commit when this will be done.

Best regards,


Thanks, Olivier. I'm looking forward to the feature being implemented. I think it'll open the SDK to apps for writers.

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