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Receiving character recognition output to store in another text area

Hello, I need help accessing the objects that store the text results using js or jquery, so I could append the values to another text area. Thank you!

Dear Nafy,

If you want to append the character recognition values to a text area you can do something like this: 

1. Add a textarea block in your editor.

<div id="editor">
    <textarea id="textarea"></textarea>

2. Add the "exported" listener to your editor element. This is the place you can access the result of the recognition.

var textareaElement = document.getElementById('textarea');

editorElement.addEventListener('exported', function (evt) {
    var exports = evt.detail.exports;

    if (exports && exports['text/plain']) {
        textareaElement.innerText = exports['text/plain'];

You can also look at this example:

Let me know if this is helpful.

Best regards,


Hi this is helpful, thank you! But what is my editorElement? I am using the web-sample example posted on your guys' github, and on index.js, there is a textInput, but when I try to add a listener to that it tells me it cannot add to a null element
If I am using , then what would me editor element be?
Wait never mind, I got it! Thank you so much for your explanation!