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Can I change main package name??

Hi~  I'm using iink SDK Sample project(GetStarted) and I want to insert them to my own project,,

I didn't purchase license and I'm developing by using free license,,,

When I try to change main package name(com.myscript.iink.getstarted), I always got certification error.

So, I guess that beacause of free license.. Is that right??

Then, Can I change main package name if I purchase license from Myscrpit??

Please answer asap~~~


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Dear Younbbae Kim,

currently, you can create a new license going to your dashboard:

Then, you should go to the "On-device Recognition -> manage"

You can then create a new license (name it as you prefer).

In your application, you should then set the package name (android) or bundle identifier (iOS) accordingly:

Best regards,


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