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How to recognize all strokes as a "Shape" when content types is "Raw Content" or "Diagram" ?

When I use official demo app on Android, I just  set the config of raw-content.recognition.text to false and raw-content.recognition.shape to true.

What I expect is that any strokes just try to recognize as a "Shape", not to recognize as a "Text". like the example as below.


How to recognize this "a" as a Shape, like a circle and a line. ?

I don't want the JIIX give me a "Text" as a recognize result.


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Dear Gene Chang,

Thank you for contacting us and your question.

If I understand well, you would like to force the iink to recognize only Shapes, not text.

Currently, the "raw content" is to extract different parts of a document. These will be returned as text or non-text (shapes). There is no way to influence this, i.e. you cannot say "I want this part to be a shape, this one to be a text".

Regarding the keys:

raw-content.recognition.shape: when setting it to true, data that the "raw content" extracted as shape will be recognized

raw-content.recognition.text: in the same way, data that was extracted as text will be recognized as text.

Regarding your use-case:

-If setting raw-content.recognition.shape to true, you will not be returned with any shape (as the raw content doesn't have found any)

-If setting raw-content.recognition.text to true, you will be returned with "a"

Based on this, you understand your use-case is not possible with the iink (both with Diagram and raw content), you will not be able to force the "a" to be recognized as a shape.

Best regards,


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