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How to make arrows bigger ?

When I draw a arrow on the Demo app, the arrows is too small. 
How can make arrows to a bigger one ? 



Dear Gene,

It looks like the dpi resolution is incorrect.

Can you tell me which resolution you send to the renderer ?



I got the device dpi by "displayMetrics = context.getResources().getDisplayMetrics();" as follows



I don't know why the devices dpi is so small. 

However, can I improve it with a bigger arrows? Or does have any way to get a bigger arrows? 


Dear Gene,

It looks like advertised dpi does not match actual dpi on your device. 

What is your device ? Which version of Android do you use ?

A bad dpi will lead to bad recognition results, so you should set the correct dpi.

To find out the actual dpi of a screen you must measure the screen size :

xdpi = 25.4 * (screen width in pixels) / (screen width in mm)
ydpi = 25.4 * (screen height in pixels) / (screen height in mm)



Dear Maël ,

Thanks for your quickly replay.

I just set dpi an fixed value 160 with screen resolution in 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It's look like bigger.

int _fixedDPI = 160;
engine.createRenderer(_fixedDPI, _fixedDPI, this);

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