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Redo is invalid

I set the Text mode, when I saved the data and reopened it after Redo

And the Undo button is invalid, as shown below


But when I double-click on the screen in automatic mode, Redo and Undo will become active, as shown below.


However, I clicked the Redo and Undo buttons, but the interface did not change. Why is this? If the interface does not change, can the Redo and Undo buttons be disabled forever?

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Dear 龚 文益 ,

thank you for contacting us and your question.

Currently, when a part is saved, the history is lost, as this would require too much information be saved. Undo/redo can then not be done on events that occured before saving the part.

This behavior is similar to what is done in text editors such as MS Word or open office.

Best regards,


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