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Adding new word to existing resource file


As per the Documentation of iink sdk version 1.3  we tried to add new Text Lexicon in existing resource file.

 RecognitionAssetsBuilder recognitionAssetsBuilder = engine.createRecognitionAssetsBuilder();

        String newText = "myWord";

        recognitionAssetsBuilder.compile("Text Lexicon", newText);

           try {


         } catch (IOException e) {



What we could observe is that it is replacing the existing content. We also make corresponding changes in config file. 

Please let me know if i am doing wrong ,or is there way to add my word to existing resource file.


Pankaj Tyagi

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Dear Pankaj,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, our RecognitionAssetsBuilder doesn't allow to add a single word to an existing resource. In the current case, you are indeed erasing your existing resource.

You should create your own lexicon as follows:

String newText = "myWord1\nmyWord1\n ... myWordn\n";

You can then compile it and add it to your configuration.

Best regards,


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