Lots of issues when writing - is this is as good as Nebo gets?

I am a novelist who writes first drafts by hand. I was excited to find your handwriting to text app for iPad and have been using it for a few months. But I am having more and more issues with your app and now it has turned from the answer to my frustration to becoming my frustration.

Today I was writing a scene. For the first 10-20 minutes all was fine. There were some minor app errors such as when I drew a line through a word I wanted to erase, Nebo didn't accept my command.

And then your app started to freeze (this has happened on multiple occasions). I couldn't scroll, I couldn't write, I couldn't erase. I was stuck forcing me to close the app.

When I reopened my document, Nebo had erased my last few paragraphs. This happened multiple times.

It took me half an hour to finish the last 2 paragraphs of my scene. It is truly hindering my flow.

When I finally emailed myself the word doc, the email arrived empty without the doc.

Once again I emailed and though it worked the second time, when I opened it, even more work began because Nebo didn't recognize half of my handwritten words.

I have updated the app. I have rebooted my iPad.

And now I have begun to research other handwriting apps.

I truly want your app to work BUT these issues are not cutting it.

Is there help for these issues or is this just the best Nebo can do?

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Dear Courtney,

Thank you for the interest you show to our application.

We invite you to visit the dedicated support website about our apps for any questions/suggestions about Nebo : https://app-support.myscript.com