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Dev license update does not work on old devices

We changed our app to use a new myScript app (android/ios) license (from a different ID) due to developer change. Now the app only works on new devices. On devices that had a previous version of the app give a License error.

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Dear Yousuf,

Thank you for contacting us.

currently, in your console, you have the "Mismatch between certificate and application" message, which means the package name (on Android) or bundle identifier (windows 10, iOS) is not the same than the one of your certificate.

In your dashboard, you should then re-create a new application with the same identifier than the one of your application.

You then need to replace it in your applicatin and re-build it. You should then no longer have the error message.

I also recommend you refer to the documentation that explains all this:

Best regards,


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