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Export to Word limits

Hi, I'm interested in the "Export to Word" feature, but from the documentation I cannot understand the limits of your implementation.

I need to produce a multipage Word file that includes/contains the following elements:

1. drawn lines (not text)

2. images (with custom rotation of a given angle)

3. videos (with custom rotation of a given angle)

4. documents (multipage pdf)

5. text elements with a custom background color

Is it possible? can you help me understand the limits related to these 5 points?



Dear Luca,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, as you have noticed, the export to word is indeed limited:

-First, it can only be done in "Text document"

-Images/Background Images will not be exported.

-Videos are not supported by the iink, so you understand they cannot be added.

-Mutiple page PDF can not be added either in iink.

-Custom background will not be exported


As an example, please find a "Text Document" I created, and the Word Export:

Now, the question I have is what do you want to do with the iink? Indeed, it seems like you need much more features that we can provide with.

Best regards,


Ok, thank you for the reply.
I actually use the handwriting recognition in my app (iOS) merged with other custom features such as images I'm interested also in Export to Word.

In your example I can see:

- texts
- a diagram
- an image with draws

Can you show me some explanation code about how to "compose" a "text document" with texts and images like in your example?
I imagine that I need to create a "text document" and add some block to it, but I can't understand how to do it.


Dear Luca,

thank you for the update.

Currently, there is nothing secret in my above sample:

-It is basically the "demo" iink sample in UWP

-For the background image, I add it in the assets of the project, then set in to the grid in the MainPage.xaml

-When starting the application, I set a Text Document. I then write the text at the top of the document

-I then call the "add Diagram" menu, and draw the diagram

-I then call the "Add Drawing" menu

-Last, I export to word.

Programmatically, this can be done as follows:

-First, create a "Text Document" part: IINKContentPart *part = [package createPart:@"Text Document" error:nil];

-Then, the Diagram and Drawing can be added calling the addBlock function (all you need is set the "Drawing" or "Diagram" type):

-Last, you can call the export function:

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,


Yes, I need to do it programmatically. Now it seems clear to me.

Thank you!


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