Stop the grammatical sentence auto correction.

I'm not getting the exact content which i written on the writing area.


If i wrote "Dolo 650mg" and then when i continue further as "Tab" then the previous letter which i wrote  "Dolo 650mg" was turned into "Dolo broong",Because of this issue we would like to turn off the grammatical auto correction,To get the exact result."Tab" is properly recognized but "Dolo 650mg" is  turned into  "Dolo broong".

Let us know how to switch off the grammatical auto correction only?

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As per we discussed you said use multiple editor engine to resolve that.

That means each column have the each editor engine.

As per you said, if I have a 5 columns  so i must have a 5 editor engines? (I have shared my video to you already, if you have doubt on this please refer that video again)

Can you please confirm this one?

Dear Kannnan,

To answer your questions:

There is no app folder to open that one?

>>Currently, you shall open the project from the "iink_sdk-additional-examples-android/java" directory.

As per you said, if I have a 5 columns  so i must have a 5 editor engines?

>>Yes, this will be the easiest and fastest way to proceed.

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Actually i want to solve that issue(Automatically correct the previous word - Already shared that video with you).

So i try "TEXT DOUMENT" part instead of "TEXT" part.

It has different text blocks so i think second text blocks result was not affect the first text blocks result.

But first text blocks result was changed by based on the second text blocks.

Please refer the following attachment(Video) ,



Dear Kannan,

in your current video, 2 things cause the "Dolo 650 mg" being changed:

-The ink goes slightly up

-When going back to your first line, you tap a dot

Both reasons concur to this.

On our side, nothing can be done to prevent from this. What we learned over time is to communicate with the user, who in the end will "learn to write" accordign to our technology, i.e. he will write on lines, and adapt his handwriting so such behavior will occur rarely.

Best regards,



As per you said ,

>>Currently, you shall open the project from the "iink_sdk-additional-examples-android/java" directory.

But now also i can't run that project.

Because there is no project file directory "iink_sdk-additional-examples-android/java".

I can't find that path from my downloaded project file.

Can i get the full path for this directory? or Can i get the class name for the exact file which one was implemented  a multiple editor engine in "TEXT" part?

Dear Kannan,

Just open the proper location, as shown in the above screenshot, and all the packages shoudl load properly.

After loading, you should see the above packages. If not, then try to load from other directory.

This rather looks like Android Studio issues on your side, not MyScript issues. Please investigate by yourself.

Best regards,



Thanks for your response.

Can you please mention that class name which one was hold the multiple editor engines's functions?


I  refer that code which you share via github link.(Android) https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-additional-examples-android/blob/master/java/samples/exercise-assessment/src/main/java/com/myscript/iink/sample/assessment/activities/MainActivity.java

Now i configured that same setup in iOS.

My issue was,

i have created the two Editor Views(ediorview(editorviewcontller1 and editorviewcontroller2)

I have configure the two EditorViews following code:

 func setHandWriting(){

 if let appDelegate = UIApplication.shared.delegate as? AppDelegate {

 if (appDelegate.engine == nil)


 let alert = UIAlertController(title: "Certificate error",

 message: appDelegate.engineErrorMessage,

 preferredStyle: UIAlertController.Style.alert)

 alert.addAction(UIAlertAction(title: "OK",

 style: UIAlertAction.Style.default,

 handler: {(action: UIAlertAction) -> Void in



 self.present(alert, animated: true, completion: nil)




 editorViewController.engine = appDelegate.engine

 editorViewController1.engine = appDelegate.engine

 editorViewController.inputMode = .forcePen

 editorViewController1.inputMode = .forcePen

 do {

 if let package = try createPackage(packageName: "New") {

 try editorViewController.editor.part = package.getPartAt(0)

 try editorViewController1.editor.part = package.getPartAt(0)


 } catch {

 print("Error while creating package1 : " + error.localizedDescription)


 editorViewController.editor.delegate = self

 editorViewController1.editor.delegate = self


But my second Editor view (Editorviewcontroller2) was not working(Can't able to write anything in that).

First Editor view(EditorViewController1) was working fine.(it's able to write anything in that)

Second Editor View was not working.(Even that lines are also not show)

How can i resolve that?

Dear Kannan,

Currently, in your code, I do not see anything wrong.

In the storyboard of your project, did you create 2 distinct UIViews, each one triggering its own Editor View Controller (editorViewController and editorViewController1) ?

Best regards,