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Dear Customer,

please find below the Bing translation:

Handwriting function before normal use, through the brush machine, Android_ID not replaced, still use the last activated Android_ID, no network status, handwriting recognition and graphics conversion will appear in the following image exception, showing that the certificate is invalid, the system time manually adjusted to the current correct time, Restart is also not recoverable, must be networked to restart before normal. Trouble to help you analyze why this is the case:

I do not understand what's meant by "through the brush machine"

The only reason I see you would have an "invalid certificate" is that the application was started without any network access. Then, 30 days later, if no internet access was possible, you have an invalid certificate error.

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Dear MyScript,

”通过刷机“,意思是“重新下载软件”。重新下载软件之前 手写转换功能是正常的,重新下载软件后,没有联网,此时去执行转换,就显示是无效证书,其中Android_ID没有变更。这是正常的?

Dear Customer,

Currently, how do you manage your certificate? Indeed, here is the way it works:

-When installing the application, and start it for the first time, the iink will try to connect to our license server.

-If it can connect (via http), it will install a time-unlimited certificate.

-If it can't, at each new start, it will try to get the time-unlimited certificate.

-30 days after instakk, if it was not able to connect to the internet, no "time-unlimited" certificate could be installed. Your application will therefore not be able to start, and you will have the "invalid certificate" error message.

In your case, you say you uninstall then re-install teh application, and immediately have the "invalid certificate" error message. This is a bit weird, as this would mean there were 30 days in between the installation and now. So there is something that puzzles us. Is there something else you are doing?

Normally, if you have an internet connection, you will be able to have a time-unlimited certificate, and no longer face the issue.

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