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Export jiix null

After I split the handwriting, the split handwriting cannot export jiix, what happened?


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Dear Customer,

thank you for the 23.pts file. Thanks to it, I was able to find the cause of the behavior.

Currently, when opening it, you have the "2020-04-28 23:01:20.636 10580-10620/com.myscript.iink.getstarted E/MainActivity: Failed to edit block "MainBlock"CONFIGURATION_BUNDLE_NOT_FOUND: error: no such configuration bundle zh_CN" message.

The reason is that the contentPackage of your 23.pts file was written in Chinese, while your project doesn't have the zh_CN language.

Adding the zh_CN language in the assets of your project, it should work fine.

Best regards,


Dear "Develop",

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the above message doesn't help much. When you say "I split the the handwriting", what are you exactly doing? do you do a "split" gesture? Or you do a scratch-out? Or anything else?

Indeed, we do not see any reason your JIIX is null. Can you please check you do not have an exception raised?

Please provide with more information about what you are doing, as the above message doesn't help at all.

Best regards,


OK,thanks,the step is:
note A -> exprot JIIX  -> split note A by pointer in A's JIIX -> generate note B -> B export JIIX,B‘s JIIX do not contain X Y coordinate.


Dear "Develop",

currently, I am not sure to understand your scenario:

-Do you update the JIIX by yourself, then export?

-Or you do an insert gesture:

-Or anything else?

If possible, is it possible to have a video that explains?

Indeed, we are not catching what you are doing.

Best regards,


Can we contact by phone? This matter is very serious for our company,thanks. Phone:+86 171 3834 4850

Dear "Develop",

If I understand well, here is the way you proceed:

-You export the first JIIX from note A

-You extract the X and Y coordinates from the JIIX

-You add the coordinates you want to keep to create note B. For such purpose, do you add these in batch-mode:

=>If so, are you using the incrementatl input?

Or the "Series of events":

If the above is correct, please note the following:

-The coordinates you input are in "pixel", while those in the JIIX are in milimeters => Do you apply the "invert transform" when adding back your coordinates from the JIIX to the editor:

-After the strokes are added, do you call the "waitForIdlde" function before export?

If the above is correct, feel free to provide with a Demo sample that allows to reproduce, it will probably the fastest way to investigate.

Thank you,

Best regards,


yeah, That's what i mean.

and i using the incrementatl input,  apply the "invert transform" when adding back my coordinates from the JIIX to the editor.

but waitForIdlde have not used, i have try it, it is maybe cause main thread error?

so, this is the demo:

the test steps is: GetStarted export button,the intelliJ IDEA console print the right result split button, then wait a moment, until the screen changed export button again, look at the console, the result have not  X and Y coordinates from the JIIX

thanks very much !

Dear "Develop",

after some work, I was able to build and run your application.

First, as you add back the strokes in batch/incremental mode, we recommend you set the text.guides.enable configuration to false: conf.setBoolean("text.guides.enable", false);

Then, in your "splitPointer" function, your algorithm is not correct, as you do not get any pointerUP, which explains why your JIIX file is empty. The reason is that you never go in the pre > 0 && pointer.p <= 0 condition

I then made your algorithm simpler, as follows:

      int nbPointers = pointers.size();

      for(int i=0;i<nbPointers;i++)
          editorView.getEditor().pointerDown((float)pointer.x, (float)pointer.y, -1, (float)pointer.p, PointerType.PEN, 10);
        if (i==nbPointers-1)
          editorView.getEditor().pointerUp((float)pointer.x, (float)pointer.y, -1, (float)pointer.p, PointerType.PEN, 10);
          editorView.getEditor().pointerMove((float)pointer.x, (float)pointer.y, -1, (float)pointer.p, PointerType.PEN, 10);

This way, I could get a JIIX after split.

Best regards,


OK,thanks very much,i have test it as you say,yeah,this way could get a JIIX after split.

but it‘s not contain X Y coordinate, This is the most important question, thanks

can you export JIIX with X Y coordinate? thanks.

Dear "Develop",

in order to have the x and y coordinates in your JIIX, you shall ensure the export.jiix.strokes and export.jiix.glyphs configurations are set:

Normally, by default they are.

If they are not set, please set these.

Best regards,


Hello, I did what you said, the result is still wrong, no X Y coordinate. need your help, thanks

Dear Develop,

currently, I am a bit puzzled, as when playing with your sample with the correction mentionned above, it works fine:

-I write some text, e.g. "hello"

-I export ; then the JIIX is displayed with x and y coordinates.

-I click split ; after few seconds, the JIIX is displayed with X and Y coordinates.

So please explain if I am missing something.

Best regards,


-I click split ; after few seconds, the JIIX is displayed with X and Y coordinates.

after this step,need to click export again, and look at intellij IDEA console, the export jiix no X Y coordinate, thanks.

Dear "Develop",

currently, on my side it works fine. Please refer to the following video:

After split and export, the JIIX contains X and Y coordinates.

Best regards,