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greater than symbol converted with question marks

When i requested for the conversion of ">" symbol. It converts like ? > ? .

How to remove question marks.

Help me.

Thank You.


Dear Raju,

Thank you for contacting us.

The math recognition not only performs recognition but also tries to solve the mathematical expression. When it cannot do it, it introduces such question marks when it detects missing symbols.

By default, the math solver is enabled, so you should disable it by modifying your engine or editor configuration:


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Thank you Gwenaelle for your response.

Sorry I forget to inform that,

I already set the configurations and the problem exists in android 5.0 version when I deal with > 8.0 version there is no issue.



Dear Raju,

this is a known issue, which shall normally be solved in the coming 1.4 release of the iink ; this latter one will normally be available in the coming weeks.

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Thank you Olivier.

Dear Raju

I am updating this thread as the issue has been solved in the latest 1.4 release of the iink, available on our developer portal.

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