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Handwriting recognition fails with Samsung S-Pen technique


we tested the the myscriptjs version in our angularjs web app.

This leads to problems with handwriting recognition. It seems as if there is not enough differentiation between touch and pen function. After writing attempts, the display mostly shows long diagonal lines. I have added a screenshot so that you can see what I mean immediately. Also touching with the ball of the thumb leads to lines. We did the test on two Galaxy Tab S3 (Android) and a Galaxy Book (Windows).

With an iPad it works just as well as with a Windows Surface Book. As you know, both use a different pen recognition technique. However, it's not only Samsung's fault, because the Nebo app works perfectly on Samsung devices.

Do you have any idea what could be going on?

Kind regards  Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for contacting us.

We have observed such weird behaviour in the past with myScriptJS integration in react app on Android.

So you can refer to this topics to check and update your app configuration.

Best regards,


Thanks for your fast answer. Indirectly it took us to the solution. To our shame we must confess that we are still using bower. And we did not discover that bower install pepjs did not install the the essential dist folder in our test system. So pep.js did not exit. Second, we did not read the the messages in the the console about the missing file carefully enough. But now it is working properly.

Sorry, but I have an additional question. Besides the the install of pepjs it is necccessary to set 'touch-action="none"'.  Although in the beginning of every writing there is a short response (including a recognition trial) of the system if my hand touches the display a little bit faster then the pen. Is there a way to stop this?

And a second one: Is it possible to implement the "endless canvas" function of the nebo app (for texts longer than the view port) in the web version too?

Dear Thomas,

thank you for the update.

To asnwer your questions:

-No, there is no way to remove this response time.

-There is no reason implementing an endless canvas would not work ; we then recommend you give a try.

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

ok, thank you, but hard to hear, because these news are stopping all my dreams. Normal writing then is excluded then in the web version. In nebo this is no problem. It is absolutely normal to touch the screen with the hand before the pen.That cannot be excluded in a normal use case. But ongoing unintentional recognitions are not acceptable.

The other point is strange too for me. In my work every day situations come up in which I must write texts longer than the viewport of my window/device. How is that possible with myscript.js?

Last question: Is an API existing or planned in Nebo which would allow us to send converted text sections in a file directly to the text section of our app?

Kind regrads


Dear Thomas,

After discussing further about having an endless canvas, this indeed is likely to be very difficult to implement.

To answer your last question, at present such feature doesn't exist in Nebo, and is not planned.

Best regards,


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