How to get text value from React component


In this example, it shows how to setup the editor in React, but how do I get the value and use it in a React component from the editor. I can't find any docs about it, it will be very helpful if someone can give me a guide.

Thanks in advance

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, you can refer to the MyScriptJS API documentation: https://myscript.github.io/MyScriptJS/docs/

In the current case, you shall use the "Export" function: https://myscript.github.io/MyScriptJS/docs/class/src/Editor.js~Editor.html#instance-method-export_

The latter allows to export as Text, JIIX, Image... depending on your use-case.

You can also find examples of the MySriptJS: https://myscript.github.io/MyScriptJS/examples/

In your particular case, you can refer to the Export sample: https://myscript.github.io/MyScriptJS/examples/non-version-specific/on_demand_exports.html

And the source code is also available: https://github.com/MyScript/MyScriptJS/blob/master/examples/non-version-specific/on_demand_exports.html

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Thank you Olivier!

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